TOKO TUYA Burnishing Cream 300 ml



This is a cream that polishes the surface of the edge, flesh, and grain sides.

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It polishes the leather's flesh, edge, and grain sides to create gloss and a strong film.
It is characterized by its quick-drying workability and outstanding gloss.
High-durability urethane resin creates a strong film on the leather, making it strong in stretch and resistant to aging, and less likely to fuzz up even after long-term use.
It contains ingredients derived from seaweed (wakame seaweed and kelp), making it a very spreadable cream.

Ingredients: Natural carnauba wax, high durability urethane resin, natural glue (seaweed), water

Recommended amount to be used. * Manufacturer's recommendation
About 6-9 sq.ft per 100 ml

Made in Japan
300 ml

Check also 100 ml size.
Shake the bottle well before use.

Apply a thin coat to the flesh side and edge, let it dry for a minute, and then polish with a Plate Glass Slicker or Burnishing Canvas Slicker.
* It is not recommended to polish it immediately.

It can be used not only for vegetable-tanned leather, but also for chrome/veg re-tanned leather and chrome tanned leather.
(This is not suitable for soft leather.)

Apply a thin layer to the flesh side, wait a minute, and polish with Plate Glass Slicker, etc.
It gives the flesh side an outstanding gloss.
Apply a small amount to the edge surface, wait a minute, and polish with Burnishing Canvas Slicker, etc.
It gives a good gloss to the surface of the edge.


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