Edge Dye Applicator Roller (Thick: 3 mm)

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Edge can be finished easily by just applying coating and role.

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MKT Shokunin series edge finishing tool.

Edge finishing can be done easily and beautifully by just applying coating and roll.
Simple structure for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Two sizes including (Thick: 3 mm) and (Thick: 6 mm) are available depending on usage.

(Thick: 6 mm) is recommendable for long stroke as it can apply large amount of coating at once.
(Thick: 3 mm) is better to use for detail works including inside corners.

Threaded tip can be detached so that you can clean and maintained the roller.
Surface of the roller is uneven which adheres coating well.
Hexagonal handle is easy to grip and less likely to roll.
Use water and thinner to prevent the roller to become dry and hard when using.

・Solid brass finish.
Made in Japan.

Description of MKT Shokunin Series.
Mass produced factory brand leather tools which are used daily by leather craftsmen in Asakusa Simplifying a hassle of craft works
Development of tools that enables to ease precise procedures are underway everyday.
3 mm

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