FENICE Professional edge paint 125 ml

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Water-based edge finish agent produced by FENICE, Italy.

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This is waterborne edge finish agent produced by FENICE in Italy, which produces various chemical products related to leather.
It is famous for being used in high-brand leather products, and features a mellow color and strong covering power that does not impair the leather atmosphere.
Because it is flexible like rubber when it dries, it can be used for various leathers such as tanned leather, chrome tanned leather, and combination tanned leather.
You can also create your desired color by diluting it with water or by mixing colors.
Apply transparent 01 Neutral as a base, and apply edge paint on it to produce a smoother edge.

01 Neutral is a transparent base.
Apply 01 Neutral, and then apply other color edge paint to create a thick and smooth edge.

Mellow shades that match the leather atmosphere

It is also possible to create your favorite color by mixing colors.

Strong covering power against bending and wearing out.

125 ml
01 Neutral / 02 White / 03 Beige / 04 Yellow / 05 Red / 06 Bordeaux / 07 Green / 08 Light brown / 09 Medium brown / 10 Dark brown / 11 Black / 12 Blue navy

Treat the edge with a Edge Tools, a Abrasive Sticks, etc.

Apply 01 Neutral. With Edge Dye Applicator Roller, you can paint more beautifully.

After fully drying 01 Neutral, apply edge paint. When applying overcoats, dry them thoroughly before applying.

* If the mixture is not stirred sufficiently, you may not get the desired result.
 Ingredients may accumulate at the bottom of the container, so stir well with a thin stick before use.
This item have a possibility to freeze at low temperature. Cold weather in the delivery address may cause a quality loss during transportation.

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