Small Goods : Categories

Cup sleeve kit

Leather cup sleeve kit that is Easy to make even for beginners.

Leather Coaster <Smile>

Circle shaped coaster with cute smiley face design.

Round Coaster

Enjoy various personalization with's originalLeather Coaster!

Leather Coaster <Square>

You can enjoy personalizing Leather Coaster Square. Enjoy your break with your favorite piece!

Mosaic Coaster Kit

Leather coaster kit with smooth velour leather.

Leather Coaster Kit

Genuine leather coaster with cute shape.

Leather Hair Ribbon

Suitable for putting on bags not just for wearing in the hair.

Leather Hair Bow

Leather Hair Bow kit made of soft leather. It is also good idea to pu it on a bag and so on.

Bag Charm Kit

Charm can be easily released with snap fasteners.

Leather Name Tag

Popular for making a custom name tag or putting on a bag and other items.

Hair Elastic Kit

Enjoy hair bands with girly taste!

Leather Clay

Modeling clay made out of cowhide leather.

Leather Cord Holder Kit

Leather Cord Holder to control cables and keep your workspace organized. Helpful for using in bag and on PC desk.

PET Bottle Holder

Portable PET bottle holder.
Carry around with your favorite drink anywhere.

Leather Tassel Kit

It is a kit with which leather tassels can be made easily.