Charms : Categories

LC Bear Charm

LC Bear is making a debut as the's mascot. Decorate him with small parts on your own ideas.

Leaf Charm

Leaf shape charms for autumn.

Marine Charm

Amusing marine charms came in our lineup. Available in variety of colors.

Hawaiian Charm

Enjoy tropical mood, Hawaiian Charms!

Antique Flower Charm

Cute charms in flower shapes!
They can be used in many ways as keychains, corsage, ornaments and such. Putting smaller flowers on the larger one together, they must be more gorgeous.

Animal Charm

Animal motif cute charms

Pop Charm

These lovely charms are very good for decorating bags, small items, key fobs and so on.

Alphabet Charm

A charm with an alphabet motif. You can play with logos and initials! Create your original works together with your favorite character or anniversary!!

BABY Charm 

It is a very lovely charm. Somehow fashionable and yet funny! For pierced earrings, pendants, straps! It is a versatile charm with which you can play quite a bit!!

Fairy Tale Charm

Looks like it popped out of fairy tale or picture book world.

Grand Charm

Suitable for decorating bags, accessories and making strap and key chains.

Gothic Charm

The gothic styled charms with the feeling of Middle Ages. Better suited for the every type of accessories.

Rock Charm

Featuring guitar shapes, musical notes, lightning・・・these variety of charms lineups consist of tanned leather, mincle leather and enamel faced leather.

Leather Tag / Leather Label

Small item with great presence.

Halloween Charm

Can't wait for Halloween!

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