LC Long Wallet Kit - Optional Parts

There are many optional parts for LC Long Wallet Kit.


Male snap fastener can be pre-attached.
If you select "Pre-attached" option, the female snap is already attached to the wallet.
But if you want to adjust the place where the snap will be attached, please select "No Pre-punching" option, then, you'll receive female snap not being attached.

Wallet Strap (Size M)

The basic wallet strap included in the LC Long Wallet Kit is as large as it matchs the Coin Conchos such as Morgan Dollar Concho.
If you want to attach the smaller concho up to 30mm width, this wallet strap option is better suited.

Natural tan color and Black are available.

Card Pockets

These parts are used to plus the extra card pockets or to add the card pockets onto the coin pocket.
To attach all the card pockets as is shown in the left picture, you need No.1 x 2, No.2 x 2, No.3 x 2, No.4 x 1, other than the basic LC Long Wallet Kit.

<How to sew the inner parts and the cover parts>
Glue the all parts before sewing. After glue dried, by using the wing devider, mark a line 3 mm away from the edge as a guide for your stitches.
Then, make precise holes by a hole punch tool such as LC Diamond Hole Punch PRO along the line and sew.
If it is stingray leather, make holes penetrating from the flesh side.
After you've finished sewing, polish the edges with sandpaper and finish with your preferred application.

Inner Parts Set

Inner Parts Set 6 pcs Inner Parts Set 11 pcs

LC Long Wallet Kit - Optional Parts

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