U.S. Nickel Indian <Screw Back> (1 pc)

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We produced these conchos by working over the real old coins that had been collected among the collectors.


Made from American old nickel coin
Made in Japan

Sample picture of Screw Back

Screw types
Round Head is for attaching The Concho directly on leather as decoration.
Flat Head is for attaching as snap fastener with a large size Snap Fastener.

Choice of screw size
Choose shorter screws and push into leather tightly when attaching.
Long screws are easy to attach but will be loosen over time as concho fitting in with leather.

Screw sizes
Please refer to the following for choosing size of screw according to thickness of leather for attaching concho.

Thickness of the Leather Length of the Screw
Approx. 2.0mm 3mm long + Adjust with the Leather Washer
Approx. 3.5mm 3mm long
Approx. 5.0mm 5mm long(Adjust with the Leather Washer if required.)

※This is for reference only. Suitable sizes may be different according to leather types, diameter of concho and other conditions.
※Adjust withLeather Washerwhen screws are too long.

Approx. 20mm in diameter

Matching sizes of male and female screws
Use 3 millimeters female screw for 3 millimeters male screw.
Use 5 millimeters female screw for 5 millimeters male screw.

Female Screw / 5.2mm in diameter
Use Round Hole Punch #18.

Flat Head Male Screw can be used with both male and female parts of Snap Fastener.