Backing Charm (1 pc)


It is a charm which best gives a sense of volume by sticking it to the back of the leather charm or enamel charm to make it thicker.

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1 pc

These charms should be pasted onto the back of other charms for the purpose of making them heavier and thicker.

<How to paste charms>
Treat the edges (finish the back and side with Tokonole Burnishing Gum or the like ).
Decorate the main body with Spots, Rivets, Charms, or Swarovski etc. as you like.
When passing a beaded key chain through a hole in a leather charm, Round Hole Punch #12 (3.6 mm) can make a hole just as well.
Mushroom:Approx. H 30 mm × W 27 mm
Elephant Head:Approx. H 35 mm × W 26 mm
Flying bird:Approx. H 35 mm × W 21 mm
Sitting Bird:Approx. H 30 mm × W 23 mm
Tied Bow:Approx. H 30 mm × W 26 mm
Elephant Sideway:Approx. H 30 mm × W 27 mm
Heart ( Small ):Approx. H 25 mm × W 29 mm
Flower ( Small ):Approx. H 30 mm × W 31 mm
Crown ( Small ):Approx. H 30 mm × W 35 mm
Butterfly ( Small ):Approx. H 30 mm × W 35 mm

Thickness: 1.5 mm