Leather cut in 30cm width, LC Premium Dyed Leather Struck Through <Pale Pink> (27 sq dm)


  • Price/sq dm
  • ¥254
  • (Actual Size:27sq dm [2.9 sq ft])

    Sq Dm(Square Decimeter) = 0.108 Sq Ft

  • ¥6,858
    (approx US$ 61.91)
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Leather: LC Premium Dyed Leather Struck Through

LeatherCraftTool.com's exclusive dyed leather. Dye is struck through.
This beautiful dyed leather is ideal for making small accessories, bags and more.
It's easy to finish the edge and the flesh side since dye has permeated enough.
You can enjoy stamping after soak a leather with water, dry up and fix condition. Enough supple and easy to stitching. 

Leather that has been cut from back to belly at 30cm intervals.
As you see, since we cut the leather straight vertical, there might be partly scratch, shrink, color unevenness, spot and so on.
cutting direction

We have done our best to display as accurately as possible the colors of the products shown on the site, however, we cannot guarantee that any color will be accurate.
Thickness: Approx 3.5mm

Width: 30 cm

Thinning or other treatment processes are likely to shrink the leather by a few millimeters.

Pale Pink