Leather 30cm Width : Categories

LC Tooling Leather Standard's exclusive cowhide leather manufactured in Himeji city, which has centuries of tradition of leather manufacturing in Japan.
3 colors

LC Leather Glazed Standard

The grain side is burnished by glass roller so it has beautiful gloss on surface.
3 colors

LC Leather Glazed Tochigi's original leather manufactured by Tochigi Leather Company.
Wild tanned leather which has beautiful sheen by glazed and tanned in pit.
2 colors

Hermann Oak Tooling Leather

Hermann Oak Leather Company's tooling leather.
High quality American saddle leather standard, veg-tanning and solid feel.

LC Premium Dyed Leather Struck Through's exclusive leather. Dye is struch through.
23 colors

Tochigi Aniline Leather Classic

Vegetable tanned leather that is slowly tanned in a tanning pit by Tochigi Leather Company.
9 colors

Hermann Oak Bridle Leather

Gained popularity in cowboy culture in the U.S. Can be used for harness and more.