Stationery : Categories

Leather Multi-Purpose Stand Kit

A leather stand kit for multipurpose that can be used as a pen holder, smartphone stand, etc.

Flap Pen Case Kit

Single pen case that you can keep your favorite fountain pen and ballpoint pen gently with natural leather.

Pen Case Kit

Slim leather pen case, available in many types of leather. Fun to discover your favorite style.

Smart Pen Holder Kit

Suitable item for use on your daily life.

Leather Pen Cap

Do the decorations the way you like!

Leather Pen Cover Kit

Turn your everyday tool into a distinguished item.

Leather Card Case Kit

Functional card case kit. You can decorate it in many patterns and colors. Also good for putting business cards in.

Business Card Case, Card Case Kit

It is the best kit for credit card holder, business card holder, etc.

Card Holder Kit

Card holder kit that can be made by folding single layer leather.

Pass Case Kit

Store your commuter tickets in a leather case.
The transparent window has an elliptical hole which makes it easy to insert and remove a ticket.

ID Card Case Kit Standard

Store the ID card in your favorite leather case. It can be carried along with the neck strap. Excellent functionality as well.

Pen Pocket Kit

This is a kit for a pen case with a pocket you simply put your pen into.

Zipper Pen Case Kit

A easy-to-use zipper pen case kit with natural leather, fitting well into your hand.

Reather Pen Case Kit < L >

While being a simple design that you don't get tired of, it's a kit of a functional pen case with a gusset. It is a comfortable size to hold an eraser also.

Okayama Denim & Leather Pen Case Kit

It's a pen case kit with a tasteful combination of denim fabric and leather.

Curved Pen Stand Kit

It's easy to make!

Petit Leather Tray Kit

Accessory case with a difference.

Luggage Tag Kit

A chic and reliable leather item. It's a name tag to be attached to a bag or baggage, and it can be enjoyed as a photo frame by putting a photo in it.

Leather photo frame - Mini Kit

It is easy to make a leather photo stand that you can put your important memories into.