Accessory Case : Categories

Tetra Coin Bank Kit

Leather piggy-bank kit in cute pyramid shape.

Leather Glasses Case Kit

This is a leather glasses case you can make very easily by simply folding the leather in two and sewing up.

Pocket Tissue Case Kit

There are many chances to carry a pocket tissue with you.

Okayama Denim &Leather - Pocket Tissue Case Kit

Pocket tissue holder kit. Casual taste pocket tissue holder kit with combination of denim and leather.

Leather Drawstring Pouch Kit

Leather drawstring pouch kit.
It is easy to make by just sewing up two pieces of leather and turn inside out.

Leather Small Case Kit

We often carry a Japanese name seal in this small case.

Lighter Case Kit

Make disposable lighters look cool!

Ear Phones Case Kit's original Ear Phones Case Kit.

Accessory Case Kit

Colorful case makes you feel happy. There's something lovely about roundish shape.

Folding Fan Case Kit (L)

For a folding fan smaller than 21 cm in length.

Folding Fan Case Kit (S)

For a folding fan smaller than 19.5 cm in length.