Cell Phone Strap : Categories

Leather Strap Loop Type

Luxury leather kit series that allows you to choose the leather of your choice. Enjoy making arrangement as you like by dying, stamping, decorating with spots, concho and rivets.

Cell Phone Strap

Wear your own item.

Leather Strap Kit ( type A )

Distinctive wavy shaped loop type cell phone strap.

Braided Cell Phone Strap Kit

Braided Cell Phone Strap Kit

Leather Braiding Kit

High-grade leather kit series of your choice of leather. cell phone strap kit using four strand round braid technique.

Locket Strap Kit

Cell phone strap kit that allows to insert your favorite photo and picture. Can also be used key chain and accessory.

Two Tone Strap

Fun to make cell phone strap kit that you can make with any combination of band parts and leather.