LC Super PRO Edge Tool Set (8 Tools)


This is a useful set of LC Super PRO Edge Tools.

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Edge tools are often used to round the angular rims up.
Put the groove of the tool on leather rims properly, then shove it toward the corner with the constant pressure and speed every minute.
Made in Japan


No.00 tool is designed for reducing the small irregularity (burr) on the surface of leather.

When trimming the edge, it is recommended to use from No.0 to No.6.

Consider below indication when you choose the size of tool.
  • Leather Thickness 1 mm ~ = No.0 Also use it when you want to make a sharp edge without rounding the corners too much.
  • Leather Thickness 2 mm = No.1
  • Leather Thickness 3 mm = No.2 or No.3
  • Leather Thickness 5 mm = No.4 or No.5

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Handle Color:Brown
8 tools from No.00 to No.6

No.00:0.4mm / No.0:0.6mm / No.1:0.8mm /No.2:1.0mm / No.3:1.2mm / No.4:1.4mm / No.5:1.6mm / No.6:1.8mm

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