Cutting Mat Clear Vinyl Full size (Japanese Cutting Mat)

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A cutting mat made of hard vinyl.
It allows for smooth cutting while protecting the cutting edge of the knife.

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This cutting mat is made of hard vinyl with a plastic-like texture.
It is finished with a hardness suitable for cutting, allowing for smooth cutting while protecting the cutting edge of the knife.

It is lightly colored but transparent enough to be used as an overlay on a sheet of graph paper, a recipe, or a work procedure manual to improve work efficiency.

* It arrives rolled up on delivery, but will return to its original flat shape after a few days on a flat table.
* If the warpage is difficult to straighten out due to a lower room temperature or the degree of deformation, try putting enough weight on top of it to spread it out evenly.

Main material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Bis(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate

Made in Japan
75 cm × 110 cm

Thickness: Approx. 6 mm
In addition to cutting, it can also be used as a mat for Hole Punches such as Round Hole Punch and Diamond Stitching Chisel, but since the traces left after these uses are more noticeable than those of cutting with a blade, we recommend using a Rubber Pound Board if you are concerned.


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