Cova Super Edge Coat Matte 30g


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Helps leather edge to be highly resistance to water or cracking with beautiful finish.

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Leather edge finishing coloring agent (matte finish)

Simply applying it on leather edge to add chick matte color.
It also protect leather from color fading by getting wet.
Apply it after burnishing leather edge with Tokonole Burnishing Gum for even better finish. You can use this product as same as the existing Cova Super Edge Coat as it applies the same shade.

(Ingredient) High gloss water based acrylic resin

Made in Japan
Matte White / Matte Brown / Matte Dark Brown / Matte Black

1. Stir softly and uniformly with a stick.

2. Put it in different container.

3. Apply it on hole punch, Japanese Paint Brush, a tooth pick or a bamboo skewer and paint on leather edge.
Let it dry for 30 minutes or one day for fully dry. Double coat is recommended.

Burnishing edge with Tokonole Burnishing Gum prior for better finish with more glossiness.
Wipe off the excess agent immediately from edge. Recommed to wipe off with a waste cloth with alcohol.
Wash the used container and a brush with water.
*Strong friction with clothes for long period of time may cause color fading and staining when leather is wet with rain or sweat.

*The product cannot be mixed with existing Cova Super Edge Coat.
It iis not recommended but can be mixed with matte colors.

*.Always make sure to transfer the product to diffferent container when use. The product may become condensed with water by directly inserting paint brush in the container.

*Shaking the container will create bubbles in the agent and causes it difficult to apply. The bubble will deminsh overnight.

*May be used for up to 6 - 12 months before opening. Use within a month after opening.

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