Double Side Capped Tubular Rivet (Large) Gold (10 pcs)


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These tubular rivets can be used like regular rivets in combination with the included Large super cap.
Use them for places where strength is required, such as attaching handles and shoulder straps.

The thickness of the leather to be attached should be approximately 7.5 mm to 8.0 mm in the attached state.
If the leather is thinner than this, it will be difficult to install.

Make a hole in the leather to attach the tubular rivet.
Holes in the front leather will be made with Round Hole Punch #12 (3.6 mm).
The hole from the back side will be made with Round Hole Punch #18 (5.4 mm).

Set the tubular rivet through from the front of the leather.
Set the Large super cap through from the back of the leather, apply the protective leather, and hit with a Rivet Setter 12mm.
Tap them straight on a solid foundation.

Made in Japan
<Tubular Rivet Part>
Head Diameter: 9 mm, Shank Diameter: 4 mm, Shank Height: 10 mm

<Large Cap>
Diameter: 11 mm
Gold Plated Iron.