LC Diamond Stitching Chisel PRO (3 Prongs) 2.5mm pitch

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Distinguished sharpness and smoothness than ever.

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2.5mm pitch.

Made in Japan

The "Pitch" is the center-to-center hole spacing in millimeters.
You can calculate the SPI(Stitches per inch) from Pitch this way.
SPI = 25.4 / Pitch
For example, as for 3mm-pitch tool, it has 25.4 / 3 = 8.5 stitches per inch.

Please work on a rubber pound board.



The precise diamond hole, the best sharpness and smoothness provided by quenching and mirror finishing. This is the quite uncompromising stitch punch of the best quality.

This image is a 6 Prongs(4 mm pitch) tool.'s Diamond Stitching Chisel PRO has the fully-quenched body,
which consummated the distinguished sharpness, smoothness and toughness than ever.
The precise diamond holes must upgrade the quality of your leather craft work.
After use, please rub the tool clean and store it coated with machine oil.

How to Use
1 Prong
For a small corner
2 Prongs
For a small curve
3 Prongs
For a large curve
4 Prongs
For a short line
more than 4 Prongs
For a long line


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