FLINT TOOLS Special Edger


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This extraordinary shaped edger is made by special craftsmen.
With extremely tough and corrosion resistant steel which is different from material used for Edger #C28142#C28143.
Different sizes around #C28142#C28143 are available helpful for making wide range of products.

The tool can be used for long time with its material which hold the blade with durability and its long groove shape blade.

Due to the limited number that can be produced, there may be shortages or delays in delivery.

0.4 mm・2.0 mm・2.5 mm・3.0 mm
* This product is sold as a single item. Please choose one size you like and purchase it.

There are four sizes from the 0.4-mm width for thin leather to the 3.0-mm width for thick leather.
<Maintenance method>
※ In order not to change the shape of the blade back, please polish by applying Jewelers Rouge to the edge-tooled leather for the daily maintenance.
Do not use any water resistant paper, etc.

Tool the thick, relatively firm leather edge (flesh side).

Apply Jewelers Rouge to the tooled edge.

Set the backside of the blade to the edge and pull it toward you to burnish.