FLINT TOOLS Edger #2 (1.0 mm)


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Great for reducing the thickness of flesh side of leather.

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This is an edge tool shaped in such a way as to draw a gentle arc toward the tip.
Not only its sharp cutting, but also the shapes of the tip and back side, which were thought to keep off the trace of the blade and are finished by hand, are the most charactereistic.
As well as straight lines, edges such as inside bending radius and sharp corners can be cleanly tooled.


You can tool the edge of the inside bending radius smoothly and neatly.


It is characterized by the shapes of the blades which are figured out not to leave the trace of the blade on the leather.

#2 (1.0 mm)
※ The bigger the size of the edge tool becomes, the more suitable for thicker leather, while the smaller the size becomes, the more suitable for thinner leather.
<Maintenance method>
※ In order not to change the shape of the blade back, please polish by applying Jewelers Rouge to the edge-tooled leather for the daily maintenance.
Do not use any water resistant paper, etc.

Tool the thick, relatively firm leather edge (flesh side).

Apply Jewelers Rouge to the tooled edge.

Set the backside of the blade to the edge and pull it toward you to burnish.

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