Rubber Pound Board ( L ) - Wood grain finish -



Rubber pound board with stiffness which is perfect for hole punching.
The board is heavy enough for stability.
Made in Japan.

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The board is for punching holes on leather with tools such as hole punches.

Wood grain finish. with fine undulating surface helps the leather to fit on the Rubber Pound Board and protect it from slipping off.
The soft Rubber Pound Board allows to punch holes and piercing on leather with less effort.
The board does not create big bumps and holes when punching holes on leather even placing the grain side on bottom.

You can flatten the bumps of holes with Leathercraft Roller if you wish.

Do not stab hole punches and pilers hole punches deep, which causes breaking the blade edges.
It is recommended you should just touch the edge tips on the board.

Suitable for carving and stamping too.

Material: Synthetic Resin
Made in Japan.
20 x 30 x 3 cm
1.8 Kg


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