Okayama Denim - Selvedge (13 oz)


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Price per meter. Price / 1800 yen / 1 m
Material: 100% cotton

Made in Japan

It is selvedge denim made in Ibara, Okayama Prefecture, “the sacred place of denim”.
It is made by old-fashioned shuttle loom, and there is red selvage, which can be said to be the proof of vintage denim, at both ends of the fabric.
It has the unique texture of vintage denim, such as yarn unevenness, and a bumpy, fluffy feel due to fabrics woven at different tension strengths.
It is a denim reminiscent of the denim tastes of the '50s.
Denim, in which a unique texture is created through use, has great compatibility with leather.
Please use it for making bags or pouches as well as any of your special items.
Width:75 cm
Full Thickness: 13 oz

We may fold or cut away a portion of this item when we do packing. If we cut, we send the cut-portion as well.

Indigo blue