F.A.L Hook Joint


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F.A.L (Fuck Around Lewisite), the silver accessory brand's product made with silver 925.
Enjoy the product as a higher quality decorative metal parts.

Joint parts connectable to hook parts for items including wallet chain.
The design is simple with a round ring only and can be used for all kinds of styles.
the item does not rotate horizontally
Screw back type.
A chicago screw and leather washer are included. The post length of the chicago screw is 3 mm.

Ideal leather thickness for installation: up to 3.0 mm.
If you wish to use the longer screw, you can replace it with this Chicago Screw.

The product can be attached as a Snap Fastener being fixed with a large size Snap Fasteners.

Comes with F.A.L pouch.

Made in Japan

ace side length: 22 mm
upper parts diameter: 11 mm
H: 9 mm ( exclude stud portion )
ring wire diameter : 3 mm
ring outer diameter: 14 mm
ring inner diameter: 8mm