Buttons, Snap Fasteners : Categories

Fiocchi Italy Snap

FIOCCHI Italy's premium Snap.

THK Spring Snap Fastener

Japanese-made beautiful and simple rounded spring snap fastener.

Egg Shape Bag Closure

These are snap fasteners that can be inserted and removed as they are. They are also very useful as snap fasteners of closing flaps of bags and pouches.

Flat part for Snap Fastener

Installing eyelet instead of head snap fastener can minimize the surface leather to get bumpy.

Multi-Purpose Segma Type Snaps

Segma snaps are often used for belts in America. Suitable for belt with replaceable buckle.

Screw Rivet

It can also be used for stopping the buckle part of the belt.

Pull the Dot Snap Fasteners

The snaps will unlock only in a certain direction. The feature prevents belt holder falling off from belt.