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LC Premium Dyed Leather Struck
ThroughLeatherCraftTools.com's exclusive dyed leather which shows brilliant color.


Red / Turquoise / White


Length: approx. 6 cm × 2.9 cm
Full Thickness: approx. 1.2 mm


Leather strap x 2, Transparent Sheet (No hole) x 1, Clasp parts x 1


Use Tokonole to finish edges of the picture window with Tokonole
Enjoy making your desired arrangement by dying, stamping, and decorating with spots, concho and rivets.
Cut out your favorite photo or picture and place it on bottom leather parts.
Place clear plastic on the picture. Apply a small amount of adhesive on edge of the plastic for the plastic to be in place.
Apply adhesive such as woodworking glue and Bond Ace leather glue on about 3 millimeter wide on edges of face side parts (parts with picture window).
Carefully glue together with the back parts leather to fit perfectly.
Remove excess adhesive immediately for beautiful finish.
Let it dry and clean up the edges.
Sew together around the edge by hand-stitching, double-stitching or sewing machine.
Attach the cell phone strap split ring to the main body to finish. Can be uses as an key chain and other accessory item.
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