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It is a dye that can easily make authentic indigo dye.

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Leather indigo dye that has been said to be difficult to make until now can be made easily by anyone with this evolutionary dye.
Leather can be dyed with unique texture and indigo blue beauty that only indigo dye possesses.

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About 5 liters of indigo solution can be made in one box.
The amount of leather that can be fit into the accompanying box is the amount that can be dyed with this indigo solution.
If you are dyeing a big item, please prepare a container of Kon’ya indigo and a container for the amount of dyed material to be soaked.

Since indigo has a peculiar smell, please be careful to use adequate ventilation at all times.
(Some people may be especially annoyed by the unpleasant smell.)

The reducing agent loses it's power quickly once opened. Use it soon.
It dose not have an open shelf life of more than a few weeks once opened.

When placing the indigo-dissolving agent in water, the agent may solidify and it may be difficult to dissolve easily.
By slowly stirring continuously, the agent melts gradually and becomes a transparent liquid.
(It will take some time until it melts completely.)

Mixing the Kon’ya indigo causes the foaming of the liquid and a thickening of a film on the surface, which then stretches, but there is no problem.
Even though bubble flaking will appear, this is a proof that the liquid is well-fermented, which is the correct state.

Since the dye is difficult to remove from the skin, please use gloves (included in the package).

Acetic acid (60% acetic acid) in the list of can be obtained by diluting 60% of glacial acetic acid (deleterious substances) etc.
marketed by pharmacies etc.
As glacial acetic acid is a corrosive and deleterious substance, please be as careful as possible not to make it touch the skin directly.
If your skin touches it, please wash it under running water as soon as possible.
As acetic acid smells strongly, please use sufficient ventilation.
Since it is fire-prohibited, please work and keep it in a place where there is no fire.
(Usual vinegar can not be used because it contains sugar etc.)

If you dyed many pieces repeatedly using the same indigo solution you made, the color of the dyeing would gradually become lighter.

200 × 125 × 30 mm

The package contains

KONYA-I indigo crystals  10 g
Indigo reducing agent   125 g
Indigo color fixant to stop bleeding  20 g ※Note! Because it is dedicated to cloth, it cannot be used for leather.
Rudder gloves
Detailed instructions

※Please use Leather Fix , etc. as a color fixing for leather.


1 to 10 days