FABRIER Acrylic Paint - PEARL (35 ml)



Acrylic resin pigment that can be used for most cloth materials and leathers such as leather, cotton, rayon, hemp, silk, etc.
And it is excellent in elasticity and flexibility and is not easily cracked.

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FABRIER Acrylic Paint which stays only by painting is excellent in elasticity and flexibility.
And it is hard to get cracked. We have many colors and types.
Even when the ground color is dark, it clearly develops color and can be used for coloring as if using normal paint.
It is also very strong against sunlight as it is resin pigment.


"PEARL" can give you a calm pearl-like coloring. The more dark the base, the more color and pearl-like tone will increase.

Leather to be dyed: leather which can be soaked with water, such as tanned leather.
(It is not suitable for leather that repels water, smooth leather, surface-finished leather.)
Cloth to be dyed: most cloths such as cotton, rayon, hemp, silk, polyester, denim, etc.
(It is not suitable for smooth cloth, surface-finished cloth, cloth which cannot be soaked with water.)

Ingredients: acrylic resin · mica · titanium oxide

Made in Japan
35 ml
The left side of the color sample is with the dark ground color, the right is the case with the thin ground color.


* The color samples may differ from the actual ones depending on your device and browser.
1. Free hand painting with FABRIER Acrylic Paint with a brush or a cellophane tube. Dye with stamps or stencils. Or dye it with sputter deposition.

2. In case of leather: When it is completely dry, finish with Leather Fix painting brush, etc.
In the case of cloth: Once dried to the extent that it can be touched lightly with your fingers, iron at the temperature that matches the fabric and it is completed.

* The drying time for thinly painting 20 to 30 minutes (complete drying needs 1 day) is a standard.

* When thinning the FABRIER Acrylic Paint, add water or FABRIER Acrylic Paint Acrylic Thinner (Non-Flammable) and adjust.
It may blur if you dilute it with water. In case of FABRIER Acrylic Paint Acrylic Thinner (Non-Flammable), it won't blur and will increase fixing power.

* Wash the used brush and container with water before they become dry.


・Mixing with different kinds of colors is not recommended because the ingredients are different.
・If surface processing has been done or oil is attached, the color may be faded.
 In case of cloth, washing with hot water or washing with neutral detergent before dyeing would be recommended.
・Be careful not to adhere to clothes, furniture, floor, etc.
・Use it with good ventilation.
・Store in cool dark place where children can not reach.


3 to 10 days