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Sep.1 - Sep.15

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  • Extra Bonus Points
  • Coffee Sleeve Kit
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Extra Bonus Points

Items You earn
15,000 yen or more Regular Pts X 3
8,000 yen or more Regular Pts X 2
Otherwise Regular Pts + 100

Receive the extra purchase points (If you have the account).
Get 3X points for purchase of 15,000 yen and over. 2X points for purchase of 8,000 yen and over. And +100 points for purchase of less than 8,000 yen.

* Reward points are for members. Only.
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* Extra bonus points are calculated based on the final total product price when the order is shipped.

Coffee Sleeve Kit

Leather cup sleeve that is eye pleasing while you can hold hot cup without worrying.
It is also helpful for identifying your own cup.
Kit contents
  • Leather Part x 2
* Please note that you can't select a specific leather type or color for the gift.
* The gift is not assembled, so please enjoy the making process.

Assembled size:
Approx. 6 cm tall (Outer stitch finish. When use it with cup.)
Top: Approx. 8 cm (Outer stitch finish. When use it with cup.)
Bottom: Approx. 7 cm (Outer stitch finish. When use it with cup.)

The size if perfect for paper cup in size of 8.5 cm in diameter and 11.5 in height, when finished with outer stitch leather bonded together.
Size can be adjusted by changing where and how you sew up.
(Cut the edge for small size cup.)

Arranged Sample
* The image is for reference only.

See details in Craftip "Coffee Sleeve Kit".

* Sales items are different from presents.

What you need for assembly

Example of use
Stitching examples